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Post by dathu on Fri Jan 30, 2009 12:05 pm

Ngay 29/1/2009, lop ta hop tai quan Hoa Bao. Moi nguoi thong nhat quy lop nhu sau: 500.000/1 thanh vien.
Ban lien lac: Ba Ngoc - Quan ly chung
Thanh tao - Lien lac o Vinh
Phuong Lan - Lien lac mien Bac
Trung lap - Lien lac mien Nam
Tuong Toan - Quan ly tai chinh
Pham Ha - Thu ky
Vay thong bao de anh em biet khan truong nop tien! Laughing Laughing
Quy se duoc chi nhu sau: Hieu hi thanh vien lop: 1.000.000, Hi­eu nguoi than cua thanh vien: 500.000, tham om dau: 200.000
Tran trong!

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